Return and Replace Service Declaration

  Return and Replace Service Declaration


For TOSHIBA OEM and Distributor Customers

Please login to your Toshiba RMA account to check return drives and apply RFC number. This system applies to the areas under the jurisdiction of Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation. Customers in other countries contact your local Toshiba Business Partners or sales office.

Link to Warranty Return System of Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation



For Individual Customers

If you have a defective Toshiba Storage Products(HDD) and you wish to file a warranty claim, you should distinguish between the three following possibilities:

1, If the Toshiba Storage Products was installed in another device (ex. PC, laptop, servers, etc.) when purchased, then it can only be repaired or supported by the device manufacturer or sales dealer of the said device. Please contact the device manufacturer for information on the repair procedure.
2,If you bought the Toshiba Storage Products from a shop, then guarantee (warranty) claims can only be made with the shop which sold you the drive. The contents of the guarantee (warranty) comply with the legal regulations in the country, in which the product was purchased.
3,In Case of Toshiba Consumer Storages (ex. CANVIO series), please contact the customer support services that are described in the manual.



For TOSHIBA OEM and Distributor Customers and Individual Customers

Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation (hereinafter as "TET") designated Hard Disk Driver distributor AFASTOR CORPORATION, recently received some consumer improperly forged and altered Toshiba Hard Drive products to their quick change service base. TET has report this event to Police authority and will accuse with fraud.
Here to remind all Distributor partners and Toshiba Hard Drive Disk consumers, any forged, altered Toshiba Hard Drive Dicks products shall not have the right to obtain any Toshiba warranty or replacement services. Above act is criminal behavior, Toshiba and TET will reserve all legal rights.
TET also inform you for our latest service adjustment, any return or replace services needs to acquire consumers full name, contact numbers, address information in order to use the service.



Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation
July, 2022