Data Recovery

 Toshiba does not provide any data recovery service.

If you want to utilize data recovery services, please follow the conditions listed below; otherwise Toshiba will void the warranty applied to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) you purchased from Toshiba distributors.
To retain the warranty of your HDD, please ensure you follow the conditions below:
1           Please contact Toshiba authorized service station or Toshiba distributors to check your HDD warranty status and notify the service station or distributors that data recovery service is required prior to your data recovery service.
2           After data recovery, please ask the service provider you use to provide you one of following certifications:
2.1          The written verification provided by service provider to prove that the HDD has been performed data recovery or other services.
2.2          The receipt or invoice provided by service provider.
2.3          The label affixed on the defective HDD by service provider to prove the data recovery service is applied.
3           You need to return the HDD after data recovery (make sure that the HDD is in warranty). As for portable external HDD, you need to return including external case, installed drive and PCBA. Warranty will be invalid if any component is missing.
Any agreement you may reach with the service provider is valid only between you and the service provider. Your selection of the service provider is at your own risk. Toshiba assumes no liability for any loss or damages caused by the service provider.
This warranty policy is applicable to the HDD sold by Toshiba distributors in the following countries: Taiwan, China, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.