2013/ 05 /23
Toshiba Announces Availability of Latest Enterprise-Class HDDs and SSDs

High capacity HDDs and SSDs address capacity, performance and efficiency demands of data-intensive enterprise and cloud storage applications


23 May 2013, Taiwan - Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation (TDMT) – the inventor of NAND Flash memory - has announced full European availability of its latest Enterprise-class PX02SMx SSDs (solid state drives) and MG03xxxx HDDs (hard disk drives). These storage devices are ideal for a wide range of business-critical server and storage platforms as well as private cloud storage infrastructures.

PX02SMx enterprise SSDs (eSSD) utilize cost-effective 24nm eMLC (enterprise multi-level cell) NAND technology and are available with capacities of 200GB1 (PX02SMF020), 400GB (PX02SMF040), 800GB (PX02SMF080) and 1.6TB (PX02SMB160). The drives feature a dual-port 12Gb/sec SAS interface and support Cryptographic erase. Furthermore, the eSSDs incorporate Toshiba’s proprietary Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBC™) for improved error correction and reliability.

Toshiba’s HDDs are supplied in a 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) form factor, have been designed to accommodate 24/7 operation and can be supplied with Toshiba’s Enhanced Secure Cryptographic Erase feature. The MG03ACAx series is equipped with a SATA interface and is available with capacities of 1TB (MG03ACA100), 2TB (MG03ACA200), 3TB (MG03ACA300) and 4TB (MG03ACA400). The MG03SCAx series is fitted with a SAS interface and is also available with capacities of 1TB (MG03SCA100), 2TB (MG03SCA200), 3TB (MG03SCA300) and 4TB (MG03SCA400).

These new devices aim to provide organizations with ability to meet the capacity, security and efficiency challenges of the cloud computing and big data revolutions that are expected to transform the storage business environment over the next 10 years.